H&M makeup: yay or nay?


Buying makeup from H&M feels strange even when you’re a broke student like I am. But I decided to give it a try.

The lip pencil in Cherry lips is a dark red that is surprisingly pigmented and moisturizing. Retailing for 2.99, it’s a bargain and a completely unexpected gem from H&M! Of course it isn’t that long lasting and given that it has a glossy finish, you will have to reapply throughout the day. When I wear it, I do the trick when I apply, blot with a tissue and then reapply – this will make it last longer on the lips, for about 5 hours, which is something!

Left to right: bronzer -Dark tan, lipstick – Purple rain, lip pencil – Cherry lips

The matte lipstick in Purple rain has the same problem that every matte lipstick has: it’s drying. You will need to apply a lip balm beforehand and even then, it might still feel a bit odd and tight on the lips. But oh well, it’s a risk worth taking. The colour is indeed grunge-y and will compliment pretty much any skin tone; moreover, I have to say I love the smell! It doesn’t persist and it’s not overpowering, but the sweet scent it’s surely there. This one’s 3.99 and in comparison to the lip pencil it’s definitely more long-lasting.

Now, the bronzer is more of a love or hate product. I mostly use it to contour my face, but it can work as a blush as well. It does have a few fullsparkly bits, but

they don’t really show up on the skin. What it’s weird though is when I come home after a long day and it looks like it smeared all over my cheeks. I mean, I get that I have an oily complexion… but really?!

However, I did find that if I don’t apply as much and keep my face matte, it’s more likely to stay in place. All in all, I still use it almost every day and it works totally fine! Ooh, and the packaging is lovely, even though the letters on it wore off.

So, I’d say YAY for the H&M’s makeup!

Side note: don’t rely on the nail polish. I mean it!

Diana Lupica


7 thoughts on “H&M makeup: yay or nay?

  1. Thanks for the heads up about the nail polish. I was always curious about buying their make up products. I’ll definitely check H&M next time I get a chance 🙂

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  2. That purple lipstick is gorgeous! I don’t mind having to apply lip balms before it, the finish is exactly what I like in a lipstick 😄 I have not tried any H&M makeup, my local H&M doesn’t carry any sadly, but if I ever get the chance I would get something for sure. Xx

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  3. I always wondered what the quality of H&M makeup was like, especially since it is so inexpensive. Thanks for reviewing them! And thanks for following my blog! I love meeting new bloggers out there. 🙂

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