The Mask of Magnaminty – Could be the one!


Let’s be honest, Lush is everyone’s favourite. While people are going crazy over the bath bombs, spamming my Tumblr dashboard with pictures of their amazing bath (and I’m being left here, in my dorm’s shower cabin *cries*), I am obsessing over this mask.

I’ve had it sinIMG_1748ce December and used it LOADS, thank God I chose the big one. I’ve been coerced into buying it by a lovely lady from Lush, who told me this is what cleared her skin. Okay, I’m not gonna lie – this didn’t clear mine…yet.

BUT, I did see a massive difference in my skin, meaning it’s brighter, the scars have drastically faded and it definitely helped with my acne.
I use it once or sometimes twice a week, let it on for about half an hour (you’re supposed to wash it off after 15 minutes. I’m such a rebel.) It feels especially invigorating and cool from the minty (magnaMinty – get it?) element and in the end you are left with a soft, clean and moisturized complexion.

The peppermint oil, the honey, the exfoliating aduki beans and a bunch other natural ingredients work wonders for me. It’s not only an amazing pampering product, but also an essential mask in my skin care routine.
Even if you don’t have problems with oily or blemished skin, this is still a product worth taking a look at.

Diana Lupica


36 thoughts on “The Mask of Magnaminty – Could be the one!

      1. No I did like it. Just would’ve given it a 7/10 instead of a higher rating – for me personally, it stung a little (sensitive skin) and it wasn’t gloopy enough haha, I’ll give it another try though!xx

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  1. Definitely want to try this, particularly as Lush fits my criteria – it’s cruelty-free!
    Also, thank you Diana for your lovely comment on my blog. It made my day, as I lay sick in bed. You’re right – there’s something similar about our two blogs …
    Perhaps it’s the honesty and humour that we both share?
    Best regards,
    Bea xx

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    1. Yees, the cruelty-free part makes it all even more amazing!
      I’m sorry to hear you’re sick!!
      Glad you can see it too! Well, I actually enjoy writing more philosophical pieces and little stories, but still, beauty is another passion of mine. I don’t come across too many blogs similar to yours – that wanted to be a compliment! xx

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    1. Oh haha thank you very much! I was actually thinking of deleting that one, so it looks like you saved it! (It’s actually such an honour to receive a comment from you, your blog is absolutely incredible! I spent my entire evening scrolling through your posts.) x

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      1. Aww! That’s absolutely the sweetest thing anyone has said to me all day!! :o) Thank you!! I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts as well!! I’m glad we found each other’s blogs.

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  2. I love Magnaminty! I can only think that the reason I’ve neglected it for the past fortnight is the reason my skin has broken out recently. I’m cracking it open again tonight though! Might have to try your rebelliousness and leave it for longer though tehe!



  3. […] The first thing I do is cleanse my face and for that I am currently using the Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. It’s gentle to the skin, doesn’t exfoliate, it only cleanses and leaves the complexion with a fresh and clean feeling. As an alternative, or even used after the cleansing, Lush Mask of Magnaminty is an amazing mask for calming the redness or any spots you might have. It’s great for sensitive skin and I spoke more about it here. […]


  4. I love this right here! I was looking on their website earlier for a face mask . I have combination acne prone skin and I was thinking about the charcoal one but idk. I would hate to waste the money ! Have you tried any other ones out ?

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    1. Charcoal could be a good idea! I had a sample recently of a mask called Cosmetic Warrior that was exactly for acne prone skin and loved it. However, it’s a fresh mask and will only last for like 2 weeks I think so I haven’t got it… But I do recommend it, it worked wonders for me! x

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