The Morning Edit


Morning or not, I always try to find some time for myself, whether it is planning the day or simply putting my earphones in and detaching from the world. Or, well… both!

All-nighters, mental breakdowns, grumpiness, and the stress level peaking through the clouds – this is what end of term is all about. As my university kindly scheduled my Tuesday’s lecture at 1pm, I woke up early (so unlike me!) to organise some things. But first, a cup of tea is in order and I went with mint for the day. I usually try to find any excuse to moisturize my face, so I thought this was a reasonable one. I used Lush’s Cosmetic Lad, which makes my skin feel nourished and clean at the same time; even though the name can be misleading, as it’s not only for “calming razor-sore skin”, like the website claims, I do think that the antiseptic attribute honey has works perfectly for my overly oily skin. And, of course, my lips have to be drenched in lip balm as well. Otherwise I can’t do anything. Today I put on Nivea Soft Rose, which has a nice, sweet scent to it.

Going back to my warm bed with refreshed skin and feel-good lips, I am ready to scribble and doodle in my little notebook (which reminds me of Tom Riddle’s diary – yep, you can always count on me for Harry Potter references). Portfolios, essays, sketches and projects – it’s all too overwhelming, until you manage getting everything down to see exactly all the tasks and deadlines.

To include something fun as well, I’ll share my March’s anthem: Let It Happen by Tame Impala, which was a splendid company when doing assignments.

Good luck!

Diana Lupica


12 thoughts on “The Morning Edit

      1. Oh I didn’t realise..BUT now I have haha 😀 That’s the best link I’ve clicked so far today!! You’ve just brightened up my day. So, thank you xx

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