First Ever Bath Bomb Experience!


Home is where the bath tub is and there’s no denying that! University halls are fun and all that, but nothing compares to having a great bath and sleeping in my own comfy bed.

Lush is particularly overwhelming when it comes to the bath bombs section (for a newbie like me, it takes ages to decide)… the smells, the colours, the shapes, the ingredients – basically, I don’t think you can ever be disappointed. Finally, I have chosen the Secret Garden Bath Bomb. Call me superficial, but the main reason this was a winner was because of the incredible combination of these two bright colours.

Once me and my parents all gathered around the bath tub to watch the show (it was as funny as it sounds), I dropped the bomb and it exploded right away, making bubbles at the same time.



I also moved the water around for a bit, just to make even more bubbles! Even though I hoped for more pink, all I was left with was a green bath, which was still pretty amazing. When the middle of this little bundle of joy was reached, something magical happened. “Mum, Dad, come back now!” They had to see the rose petals floating! It also smelled of roses, so… it’s safe to say I was pretty blown away. (dat rhyme, innit?!)


What’s more, there was no glitter and it wasn’t especially hydrating. Instead, it felt soothing and refreshing!

Verdict: Otherworldly. I’m hooked. Can’t wait to try out the other one, as I couldn’t just buy one! Stay tuned.

Diana Lupica


34 thoughts on “First Ever Bath Bomb Experience!

  1. I wish I could have done something like that, but I have such sensitive skin and a friend of mine who has the same issue had a bad experience with their bath bombs 😦 I’m glad it worked for you though!

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  2. If you like stuff floating in your water, try Big Blue bath bomb 🙂 I tried it and it is very soothing and the water turns a beautiful blue! It sucked a lot cleaning the seaweed out though :/ I wish they didn’t put it in! Haha but it left my skin very moisturized and silky smooth!

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      1. You’re welcome! I’ve read that people put the bath bomb in a mesh bag so that it can dissolve in the tub but doesn’t place the seaweed in it if you have one of those mesh things! 🙂

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