Yet Another Bubble Bath

IMG_3506I promised a post of another Lush bubble bar I got, so here it is! But to be honest with you, I looked online for hours, trying to find the name of this one, but it wasn’t anywhere and I apologise! If any of you know how it’s called, I would be grateful! (The lady at the till asked me if I want them labelled but I was like “naah”)

Down to business now. This is not as fizzy as the last one I tried (here), simply because it is not a bath bomb. However, it created far more bubbles in my bath and I couldn’t be happier about it.IMG_3507The bar is practically full of little glitter particles and they were all over the water and then definitely on my body as well – not too much, as I did have a mini shower afterwards, but I thoroughly enjoyed being a glittery vampire straight out of the Stephenie Meyer’s books.

It’s always this excitement with bath products: is the water going to turn green, blue, purple? black? (I’d love that!) With this one it was obvious it was gonna be pink, which was so lovely! (Now, of course some people will joke about a woman having a pink bath, but oh well.)IMG_3509IMG_3508I tried saving half of the bar for future uses, but I failed tragically. I tried, okay? IMG_3510Now, I could tell you that my bath was smelling of roses, jasmin and a hint of lemon. Unfortunately, I can’t. I genuinely don’t know what’s in this bubble bar. What I can tell you is that it smelled of fresh flowers and that it left my skin moisturized. Besides, I enjoyed this one more than the Secret Garden bath bomb: my skin seemed to love it more!

I proclaim myself a full-time Lush-aholic.


29 thoughts on “Yet Another Bubble Bath

  1. I love the Lush bubble bars you get masses of bubbles and I lye there feeling like a movie star and the bathroom smells glorious for ages afterwards!

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  2. I want to know what this is called! Haha. It’s like the Comforter in shape, but a different colour. Hmmm.

    I always wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award. I hope you haven’t done it already. I wanted to nominate you because you always like my posts and support me ❤ The link is here

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    1. Haha well my favourite Lush product is always the Mask of Magnaminty – clarifies skin without drying it, an overall impressing mask! (I do have a review of it) You should definitely check it out when you go to Lush! But that’s it, I am yet to buy some more things from there! xx


  3. It’s such a pretty colour like a rainbow style. Very colourful and it’s always fun times with a lush bubble bar 🙂

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