Colourful Eye Makeup Look: Yes, Red Eyeshadow Is A Thing!


Here it is, another makeup look! Quite colourful, summery and warm, but still appropriate for both day and night wear. With a darker lipstick, you could go to town with this and look oh so ravishing.

FullSizeRender (1)In case it looks like pink, I assure you it’s 100% red eye shadow, but seems like the camera has a personality of its own and prefers pink.

It’s an easy look to recreate, but blending is key. The gold has to melt into the red (or, well, the pink) and no harsh lines have to be visible. Trust me, a nice fluffy brush is everything; speaking of which, I only used one brush for the eye makeup.

IMG_8005Starting with a primer – Too Faced Shadow Insurance, I applied it all over the lids and dabbed a bit under the eyes as well. Then I went in with Half Baked from the Naked Original palette and with the 217 Blending Brush from Mac, I put it only in the centre of the lid, softly blending it, but without bringing it in the crease. Next up, the red goes in the crease, carefully blending it from above the inner corner to the other end – work it, work it, work it. The very colourful palette you’re seeing there is the Coastal Scents’ 88 Original Eyeshadow Color, a palette that comes in handy and should be loved way more than it is.

For a nice touch, I went in with the By Terry Pencil in Festive Gold, lined my waterlines and added a bit of that bad boy in my inner corners as well.

Now, the winged liner. The holy grail of my makeup routine and possibly my least favourite part, as it requires lots of patience, which I don’t always have (gave up on trying to get the wings to look the same long ago; however, when I do get em right, it’s certain I’m going to have a great day). I used the Rimmel’s Waterproof Eye Liner and I prayed I don’t mess up, followed by L’Óreal’s Telescopic Mascara heavily applied on them lashes.

Don’t forget to finish everything off with the same red eye shadow, which now goes under the eyes aaand there you have it!

Can’t wait to see what you guys think about this look!


34 thoughts on “Colourful Eye Makeup Look: Yes, Red Eyeshadow Is A Thing!

  1. I used to be obsessed with red eye shadow in highschool – there was this girl who’d rock it daily and I wanted to look like her! I went and bought a Make Up For Ever red matte eye shadow… and it made me look like I was sickly! Only when I learned to blend out the edges with a transitional shade did I manage to make it look somewhat wearable… but my colouring doesn’t really suit this look. I just love how it looks on you though!

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