The Music Den #2

12788884_1132197690164999_1560876304_oIn terms of music, Kanye West was definitely the most noticeable and hilarious figure in February. From his tweet asking Zuckerberg for a small loan of $1 billion  (a Trump reference indeed) to the Wiz Khalifa shade and to Rose Amber’s tweet that still rules the Internet, Kanye was unstoppable this month with his online presence: he just won’t stop tweeting. Not to mention that he titled his album So help me God, Swish, Waves, just to ultimately settle for The Life of Pablo (wth?!), which, apparently, is neither referring to Escobar, nor Picasso, but Saint Paul. And it does make sense, since this album is slightly gospel, like West warned us about.

In fact, The Life of Pablo is so weird (at least at first listen), even coming from Yeezy. Songs like I Love Kanye are straight out rubbish, but do not give up on this album yet. Among experimental and innovative rhythms, there are some gems: Fade is my favourite and it proves Ye’s talent as producer – the beat is, if I may, SICK AF, and surprisingly enough, it’s house. The song is nowhere to be found online, but here is the instrumental so you get the idea. Famous featuring Rihanna is pretty bomb too, along with No More Parties in LA with Kendrick Lamar. Honourable mention: 30 Hours.

So don’t dismiss Kanye West just yet. Only because he is an asshole in real life doesn’t mean his music is shit. It’s good, I’ll give him that. But does this new and shiny Yezzus project compare to his previous ones? Nope. It’s not as put together; and considering how many versions each song has had, the album feels unpolished.

Next up, Beyoncé’s Formation is already legendary, so if you didn’t know this, you might have to take a step back and rethink your life, since you’re obviously not doing it right.

What’s also new this month is The Jezabels’ new album, Synthia. Pleasure Drive is just one of the many dark and ingenious anthems that might blow your mind. Falling under the indie-pop genre, thus definitely requiring some digging, it has a brilliant and distinctive sound. Give it a try.

If you’re looking for a multi-faceted and feel-good beat, check out the debut song from Vokes: Cruel Game. This one perfectly manages to incorporate everything I want from music. It’s sleek, it flows and it has an ’80s aesthetic  that will have you hooked to its dance-y melody.


4 thoughts on “The Music Den #2

    1. Rihanna’s Anti could have been way better. Personally, I found it a bit disappointing, but I do really like Consideration, Desperado, Kiss it better and Sex with me. What’s your opinion on it?

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