L’Oreal 24h Matte v Bourjois Air Mat


Yep, totally making a reference to Batman v Superman in the title (which you will have to watch for yourself to see where you stand; I’m still on the fence about it) and please do tell me your opinions on it in the comments!

Anyway, this post will explore which matte foundation is better. Both drugstore, both hyped, both claiming to hold 24H – but which one does the job better?

With Bourjois Air Mat, I have to say the shade is probably not the best choice for me. 02 Vanilla was the lightest one available in Superdrug when I got this and looked like it was a good match. I can still make it work, but for all my pale buddies out there, look out for the lightest one.

FullSizeRender (1)
left – Bourjois, right – L’Oreal

Just like you can see in the picture, the Bourjois foundation is more yellow-toned and will look fantastic on the skin. Although a bit too heavily perfumed than I would like, the biggest pro for the Air Mat is that you can’t feel like you’re wearing any. Cake it on, apply a triple layer of it and it will still feel weightless and look natural. Creamy and smooth, the coverage is medium to full, definitely buildable and unlike other matte foundations, you can work it and blend it on the skin as much as you want. Personally, I feel like I get the nicest finish only using my fingers, but that’s just me. I can also kind of make the colour work by blending it onto my neck and then concealing with the right shade and I’m set. It’s that one of kind foundations that is matte in a natural way. However, it just doesn’t last as long as the L’Oreal one does – that’s the only downside. But whenever I want to have a flawless complexion while letting my skin breathe and I’m not out for more than, say, 8 hours, Bourjois Air Mat is the one.

As for the L’Oreal Infallible 24h Matte, the colour (11 Vanilla) is a perfect match for me and I do prefer the more pinky undertone. It’s certainly more matte than the Bourjois foundation and it lasts more on the skin. Probably not 24 hours (but who keeps their makeup on for that long anyway?), but for at least for 12 hours, which for yours truly – the oily queen – is pretty incredible. With this one, by applying more layers you CAN make it look cakey, so just keep that in mind. It’s velvety, almost full-coverage and feels light on the skin, though not as light as Air Mat and you will feel you’re wearing makeup – which is not a big deal.

They both cover my acne pretty well (I still need concealer though), stay matte and look brilliant.

My verdict?

I’m in love with the L’Oreal foundation. I’m finishing my second tube of it and will probably get a third. It’s the only foundation EVER that has been able to put up with my insane levels of oiliness, stayed matte and lasted the entire day. I still need to powder after around 6 hours – but that’s all right with me.

If your skin is unbearably dry, then you probably know that the matte foundations are not the best decision. But for combination and drier complexions, the Air Mat might still work out for ya.


Diana ♥





22 thoughts on “L’Oreal 24h Matte v Bourjois Air Mat

  1. The LO’real one looks so good! I’m very pale and I’ve been looking for a foundation that has pink undertones so I think this is the next foundation I will trying! Roughly, how long did this tube of foundation last you and how often do you wear it? Just so I can work out how long it would last me roughly. Great post x

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  2. I’ve been dying to try the Infallible and to be honest don’t know why I haven’t considering its so affordable. Good to know it’s a pink undertone ill look out for more of those ones! I’m too pink for anything yellow tones I’d look terrible! Good post x

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