5 Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Ah, yes. The annoyingly temperamental season that gets you confused as to whether to throw on a jacket or not. I’m one of those people that will casually pull out of my bag a 1 liter water bottle, an umbrella, my cat, a scarf, a book, chocolate, a makeup bag and a plethora of other things that, excuse you, of course I need – so carrying a jacket with me comes naturally anyway.

This spring I’m going for fresh, bright and maybe a bit too Tumblr-esque vibes…


I know we all have an unhealthy obsession with black (for me it’s exceptionally bad; like I-need-rehab bad), but why not compliment those all-black outfits with a pair of vividly-coloured shades? Definitely a small detail that will brighten up the look.


Would you believe me if I told you that I got this adorable Zara top for Â£3? So good, right?! Clearance is the best “holiday,” I’m sure you’d agree. Stripes and rainbows and clouds and all kinds of cute stuff… oh yeah. Goes with everything, can be dressed up or down and the best thing of all – it has personality.


You can find these anywhere this time of year! They end just above the ankle and I particularly love mine, as they are fringed – so again, a bit of personality. These are also high-waisted skinnys – and I basically live in them. Comfortable without a doubt and the cool kids call them trendy, so they must be in!

SLIP-ON PLIMSOLLS (Stradivarius)

These will mold to your feet, then bind to ’em and will eventually become one with your feet – this is how comfy plimsolls are. With jeans, skirts, dresses, anything… I just never take these off.

CHOKERS (Primark and Asos, respectively)

This is where Tumblr comes in. I do wear lots of various velvety chokers almost all week long, and I ain’t even mad about it. Give me a boring outfit and I’ll add one of these to my neck and watch me go from blah to woah!

These are my personal faves that I’ll be wearing this spring, and will also transition into summer for sure.

Let me know what your wardrobe essentials are this spring!


Diana â™¥


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