Summer Dresses In London Weather

IMG_5961Interesting choice of dress on a cloudy London day, you might say. And you’re right, I was probably the brightest eye-soaring sight on the tube and I ain’t sorry about it. But it doesn’t have to be mid July for you to wear that floral maxi dress either. So check out this JD Williams lil vivid number. Is it green? It is yellow? Well, it’s exactly what you want it to be. IMG_5958I headed to town in this kinda daring kinda not dress on a moody Tuesday and I had a lovely stroll in Holland Park and the Kyoto Garden with a dear friend. So no, I did not get lost in the woods, I just thought it would be nice if my background clashed with my dress (great job, Diana).

Of course, the weather wasn’t as kind as to let me go tights and coat free, but the point is that you can still rock it. The dress ended up being a bit baggy, but I love it even more like this. It just feels like I went out in my nightgown and let’s be honest, what could you want more? Ending a tad right below my knees, it’s a lovely length that I always wanted to experiment with.IMG_5962Oh look at this candid windswept let-me-cross-my-legs-that-looks-good picture! All humour aside, this is was one of the easiest outfits I’ve put together. A dress, tights, trainers and throw a coat on that and you’re out the door.

DRESS: JD Williams (they have a lovely selection of summer dresses this year)

COAT: Zara




Diana ♥


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