City Break: Robin Hood’s Bay

IMG_8421.JPGLong time no post. Well, let me fill you in a bit (not that this blog is too personal anyway).

My summer went something like this: got a very spontaneous job at Zara and ultimately got sucked into a routine of work and sleep, while also trying to keep my social life somewhat breathing. As soon as my summer job ended – thank God (not that it was that bad, but damn, customers are the devil) – I went on a deeply researched adventure to the Yorkshire coastline to a village called Robin Hood’s Bay. So have a peek at my photojournal.

I stayed four nights in this superb village (far too long if you ask me, three would have been enough) to take a break from London’s hustle and bustle – when you work on Bond Street you need it, trust me – only to find myself that I was missing it.

So I went full-on Diana the explorer with my camera hanging around my neck, taking one too many photos for sure. One thing that stood out in this particular side of England was the amount of dogs I saw – SO MANY PUPS AND FLUFFS and yes, I took pictures  of them whenever I had the opportunity (evidence below).IMG_8434.JPGIMG_8433.JPGIMG_8439.JPGIMG_8428.JPGIMG_8436.JPGThe village is a gem – the intricate alleys, the named houses, even the ever-so-present seagulls and although not a fan of its dramatic ups and downs, it stunned me. The Bay is known for its history of smugglers and contraband; apparently there are underground tunnels and secret passages into most of the houses. One night I joined the Ghost Walk, in which a fairly entertaining lady took us through the village and told us stories about ghosts. Interesting? Fascinating, actually. Real? Who knows.

On the second day I went to the coast, on the so-called Cleveland Way, towards Whitby. IMG_8435.JPGIMG_8427.JPGIMG_8430.JPGIMG_8432.JPGIMG_8429.JPGIMG_8441.JPGLook at this cute lil poser.

The next day I took a bus to Whitby, to get a taste of this Yorkshire port. I was pretty impressed with it, full of hidden places and things to do. Although it got real busy once the sun made its appearance. Again, it was ROAMING with doggos.IMG_8422.JPGIMG_8426.JPGIMG_8425.JPGIMG_8423.JPGIMG_8424.JPG How many pictures is too many?!

So there ya go, hope you enjoyed this lengthy post!


Diana ♥


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