June Faves: Skincare, Makeup, Music, Health ūüíĄūüé∂

IMG_7267Did you think I’d forgotten you? Perhaps you hoped I had.

House of Cards reference aside, I know it’s been a while. Amid final year university projects and exhibitions, stress and anxiety, job prospects and reality creeping up on me, I lost myself. But I’m here now, pretending to be ready to take on the world.

June has came and gone, bringing second thoughts, sunshine and sweat, but also good times,  excellent skincare and fantastic music.

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What About Natural Skincare?

IMG_9121Time has finally come that I delve knee deep in cruelty free and, when possible, natural and organic skincare and makeup. I mean Rimmel and L’Oreal are fun all that, but they’re chock-full of cruelty and sad bunnies. I have also been pretty desperate to find out why the hell is my skin still breaking out after almost 10 years of consistent acne. Continue reading “What About Natural Skincare?”

L’Oreal 24h Matte v Bourjois Air Mat


Yep, totally making a reference to Batman v Superman in the title (which you will have to watch¬†for yourself to see where you stand; I’m still on the fence about it) and please do tell me your opinions on it in the comments!

Anyway, this post will explore which matte foundation is better. Both drugstore, both hyped, both claiming to hold 24H – but which one does the job better?

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Holiday Makeup


If you haven’t got consumed¬†already by¬†the nerve-racking Christmas fever, don’t worry, there is still time for you to stress over gifts and plans.¬†Makeup however, tends to brighten up my day; so go ahead and slap some confidence and glitter on your face and try not to get caught up in the materialistic side of the holidays.

I did think about not doing the classic gold eye – red lip but who was I kidding? What says Christmas better than this? Nothing, yeah, I know.

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Maple Holistics Goodies: A review


Not a brand that everyone has heard of, but Maple Holistics is slowly but surely makes its name well-known among the blogosphere. With products for body, hair and skin for both women and men and with the goal to provide a natural, holistic range of premium products which can enhance hygiene, health and daily living,¬†the brand is already standing out, isn’t it?

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