The Five Minute Drugstore Face

The Five Minute Drugstore Face

There are certain days in a girl’s life when even putting makeup on can seem like a chore. On days like this, kudos to you, if you can go in public without wearing the slightest bit of makeup… but, until my face gets better (probably when I’m in my thirties), 5 minutes to get my glam on is all I need.

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My Bad Skin Day Kit

My Bad Skin Day Kit (2)Whether you have a bad skin day or a bad skin life (like me), random pimples, redness and a dull complexion are not fun. To give you a bit of a background on my skin situation, I have pretty much struggled with acne since I was around 12 years old and it hasn’t went away. It is the one thing I am most embarrassed and self-aware of.

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Empties #1

IMG_5288 It’s finally time for me to go on my summer break, back home to Romania, after a successful year of studying in London – this means lots (with an angry focus on LOTS) of packing. And with me being the hoarder that I am, I do tend to keep stuff that I no longer need (e.g.: “I’m sure I’ll manage one more squeeze off that tube”, or “Maybe I’ll need that one day”). So, it’s time to say goodbye to some products… 

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Orange Lipstick: Is it wearable?

IMG_4848Wearing a bold lip sometimes requires courage and self-confidence… or at least for me it does. I’ve always been dreading the red lipstick, maybe because I thought it would draw attention on me and being the centre of attention isn’t always my thing. I also hated the fact that it’s high maintenance, as it needs constant checking in the mirror and reapplying and apparently, that’s too much responsibility for me. Story of my life. Learning how to properly apply lipstick so that it lasts was a game-changer for me.

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