L’Oreal 24h Matte v Bourjois Air Mat


Yep, totally making a reference to Batman v Superman in the title (which you will have to watch for yourself to see where you stand; I’m still on the fence about it) and please do tell me your opinions on it in the comments!

Anyway, this post will explore which matte foundation is better. Both drugstore, both hyped, both claiming to hold 24H – but which one does the job better?

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Empties #1

IMG_5288 It’s finally time for me to go on my summer break, back home to Romania, after a successful year of studying in London – this means lots (with an angry focus on LOTS) of packing. And with me being the hoarder that I am, I do tend to keep stuff that I no longer need (e.g.: “I’m sure I’ll manage one more squeeze off that tube”, or “Maybe I’ll need that one day”). So, it’s time to say goodbye to some products… 

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