Holiday Makeup


If you haven’t got consumed already by the nerve-racking Christmas fever, don’t worry, there is still time for you to stress over gifts and plans. Makeup however, tends to brighten up my day; so go ahead and slap some confidence and glitter on your face and try not to get caught up in the materialistic side of the holidays.

I did think about not doing the classic gold eye – red lip but who was I kidding? What says Christmas better than this? Nothing, yeah, I know.

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Orange Lipstick: Is it wearable?

IMG_4848Wearing a bold lip sometimes requires courage and self-confidence… or at least for me it does. I’ve always been dreading the red lipstick, maybe because I thought it would draw attention on me and being the centre of attention isn’t always my thing. I also hated the fact that it’s high maintenance, as it needs constant checking in the mirror and reapplying and apparently, that’s too much responsibility for me. Story of my life. Learning how to properly apply lipstick so that it lasts was a game-changer for me.

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