The Music Den #3

The music edit marchMarch has brought us some pretty cool tunes, but it was also merciless with the mediocre ones. We discuss Kendrick Lamar’s surprise compilation album, ZAYN’s highly anticipated Mind Of Mine and up and coming artist Låpsley. Warning: mixed feelings.

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The Music Den #1

music playlist.JPGThese days I’ve been thinking about my writing and where I want to take it from here. Interestingly enough, the conclusion that I reached was that I do not know. I don’t know whether my main interest is beauty, music or film. I’m still figuring everything out, but what I do know is that this is my safe haven where I write about myself and shit that I like. So, I am hereby introducing the new series: The Music Den, where I’m talking about music I listened to that month: old and new.

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