5 Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Ah, yes. The annoyingly temperamental season that gets you confused as to whether to throw on a jacket or not. I’m one of those people that will casually pull out of my bag a 1 liter water bottle, an umbrella, my cat, a scarf, a book, chocolate, a makeup bag and a plethora of other things that, excuse you, of course I need – so carrying a jacket with me comes naturally anyway.

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What’s in my night out bag


Following my last post about my makeup on a night out (here), I thought would be a good idea to give you a sneak peek into my clutch! Especially since lately, nights out are an endangered species in my student life – seems like my partying days are long gone and chilling inside with a cuppa and a good film is what excites me the most. (should I be concerned?!)

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