A Guide To Veganism: Plant-Based Nutrition

FullSizeRender (2)There was a time when I used to be ignorant, and completely oblivious to the truth. Maybe I was turning a blind eye to what was actually happening, but I was blissful in my ignorance. Like many people who still use this argument, I thought what I put into my body was a ‘personal choice’. But is it really ‘personal’, when, in your arrogance, your taste buds affect the lives of other sentient beings? And when I say ‘affect’, I mean torture, rape, and slaughter? Logic would say no.

But what if there was a way, a lifestyle, that could make you thrive, spare the lives of thousands, and salvage the environment? The vegan diet is the only diet that has been proven to be able to not only prevent, but also reverse the world’s top killers like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease – and like our dear Dr Greger says, shouldn’t this be our default diet until proven otherwise?

These three top book picks have aided me in learning more about nutrition, and gave me inspiration to cook some pretty tasty meals, if I say so myself.

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L’Oreal 24h Matte v Bourjois Air Mat


Yep, totally making a reference to Batman v Superman in the title (which you will have to watch for yourself to see where you stand; I’m still on the fence about it) and please do tell me your opinions on it in the comments!

Anyway, this post will explore which matte foundation is better. Both drugstore, both hyped, both claiming to hold 24H – but which one does the job better?

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Maple Holistics Goodies: A review


Not a brand that everyone has heard of, but Maple Holistics is slowly but surely makes its name well-known among the blogosphere. With products for body, hair and skin for both women and men and with the goal to provide a natural, holistic range of premium products which can enhance hygiene, health and daily living, the brand is already standing out, isn’t it?

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Orange Lipstick: Is it wearable?

IMG_4848Wearing a bold lip sometimes requires courage and self-confidence… or at least for me it does. I’ve always been dreading the red lipstick, maybe because I thought it would draw attention on me and being the centre of attention isn’t always my thing. I also hated the fact that it’s high maintenance, as it needs constant checking in the mirror and reapplying and apparently, that’s too much responsibility for me. Story of my life. Learning how to properly apply lipstick so that it lasts was a game-changer for me.

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